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2 Tips For Restoring Items In Your Storage Unit That Have Water Damage To Healthy Condition

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Storage units are extremely effective for creating a space where you can place extra items, whether you are moving or just want more space. The most important issue that arises when using a storage facility is water damage. Water damage from humid or rainy weather is completely avoidable if you take the time to protect your items before you place them into storage. Without adequate protection, you may find that your items may have been lost to mold, mildew, and other kinds of water damage. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to restore the items that have been affected by water damage in your storage unit. Put Any Fabrics Into a Washing Machine Before you notice mold or mildew damage on any fabrics in your storage unit, you may smell the water damage first. The smell is often incredibly sour and musty; therefore, it is difficult to miss. Once you notice the water damage, it is important to place your clothes in a washing machine. This is a scenario where handwashing will not work as well as a mechanical wash from a machine. Place at least a cup of detergent for every load and add a few tablespoons of vinegar. Allow the machine to run through two cycles before removing the clothing and placing them immediately in a dryer. Hanging the fabrics to dry can actually cause further damage to the clothes. Use a Household Spray to Help Remove Surface Mold on Wood If your wood objects in your storage unit have experienced light water damage and shown any signs of surface mold, then they should be cleaned with a household spray. You can create a mold killing spray, using half a cup of ammonia and a cup of water. Add two tablespoons of detergent to the spray mixture and shake it all together. Spray the wood with the mixture and allow it to sit for several minutes, then use a scrub to remove the mold and mildew. Finish with a wood preservative to help protect the wood. Place large fans throughout the room in order to get the wood to dry as quickly as possible. It is important to go through items in your storage unit regularly in order to see if any items have water damage. The faster you detect the damage, the easier it will be to use these tips to restore the items. Contact a company like All American Mini Storage for more...

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How To Prevent Cracks And Mold When Storing Leather Furniture

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Leather furniture is beautiful and comfortable, but it’s also quite delicate and prone to cracking and molding. If you’re going to be putting your leather sofa, chair, or other piece of furniture into storage, it’s important to keep this in mind. Here are some ways to prevent cracking and molding of leather furniture while in storage. Cover the furniture in something breathable. While you want to keep dust from landing on your furniture, you don’t want to seal it off from airflow completely. Stay away from plastic furniture covers and “furniture bags,” as these will trap air — and moisture it contains — against your furniture, eventually leading to mold growth. Instead, place a plain, cotton sheet or a breathable cotton furniture cover over your leather items during storage. The cotton will breathe, keeping your leather dryer so it does not mold. Condition your leather about a week before putting it in storage. Giving your leather a good coat of conditioner before you place it in storage will help prevent it from cracking. However, you don’t want to do this too close to the time when you lock it away in storage, or you’ll put the sofa at risk of molding when the excess conditioner is trapped against it by your cotton cover.  Use a good-quality conditioner, and apply it according to the instructions on the package about a week before you need to store the sofa. This will ensure the conditioner is fully absorbed and distributed through the leather by the time your storage date arrives. Make sure you use a soft cloth to wipe any excess conditioner off the leather’s surface. Place the furniture on a plastic platform. Even if your furniture has wooden legs, you don’t want to set it directly on the floor. The legs may absorb any water that accumulates on the storage unit floor due to flooding or spills, carrying the water up to the leather where it will cause molding. Don’t put the furniture on wooden pallets, either, as the wooden pallets can absorb moisture, too. Either place your furniture on a plastic platform or cover a wooden pallet in a waterproof tarp before setting your furniture on top. In addition to following the tips above, it’s important to choose climate-controlled storage. This way, you know the air won’t be too moist or too dry, so your leather will be at a lower risk of cracking. For more information and tips, contact a local storage company like Guardian Self...

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Too Many Clothes? Here Are 3 Tips To Keep That Closet In Check

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Closet space is something that many people wish they had more of. The average American family spends around 1 on clothes every year and many spend even more than that. The average American woman owns around 30 outfits! With all of these clothes, space is at a premium. For those who spend time purchasing and collecting clothes, storage can be a big issue. This is especially true for items that take up a lot of space such as evening dress, boots, and large handbags. For those who find their closets getting out of control, here are three tips to control the mess. Storage Units Many people find themselves hanging on to clothes in order to pass them on to future generations or just because they enjoy collecting. There are also many clothes, such as wedding gowns, that are worn once and saved for sentimental reasons. For overflow, sentimental pieces, or collectors items, the best solution may be to rent a storage unit. Self storage units can help save valuable space in a closet that is mainly used for clothing that is worn on an everyday basis. Climate controlled storage units are the best choice, but they can be pricey coming in at $120 to $175 per month on average for a 5 foot by 10 foot unit.  Sell Sell Sell When dealing with an overflowing closet, one thing people should determine is whether or not certain pieces are really needed. Any clothing that hasn’t been worn in a while, is out of style, or doesn’t fit does not need to be in a closet taking up space. There are plenty of apps and other online options that allow people to sell clothes directly to each other. For clothing that doesn’t sell, donating is a great option. Donating clothing allows people to make charitable deductions on their taxes.  Get Organized Organization is key when it comes to an overflowing closet! Sometimes the problem isn’t too many clothes, it’s just disorganization. Organization systems can be bought and installed at home for just a few hundred dollars. Professional help is something that can also be found for those with challenging organization issues. Professionally installed closet organization systems for walk in closets cost between $1,200 to $3,000 but are a great idea for those who need help with where to put their clothing.  Keeping a closet in check can be a big hassle. The good news is that there are plenty of options that can help. Storage units can keep clothes that aren’t going to be worn often out of the way of clothes that are worn regularly. Selling or donating unwanted clothes can clear out a closet and bring in money! Finally, getting organized can also be a big help. Click here for more...

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Eldery Parent Moving In? Tips To Ensure Everyone Stays Sane

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Allowing your elderly parents to move into your home when they’re no longer able to live independently is a kind and caring gesture. But it also presents some challenges. Where do you put all of their stuff? How can you maintain your privacy with them in your home? Here are a few tips that will help. Rent a storage trailer. Chances are, there’s not room in your home for all of your things and for all of your parents’ things. Suggesting your parents throw things away will likely touch a nerve, and surely you don’t want to get rid of your items, either. So a good solution is to rent a storage trailer. This way, anything your parents don’t need on a regular basis can stay in the trailer. They then don’t have to go through the emotional trauma of getting rid of it (which is a big comfort when they’re dealing with the harsh reality of having to move out of their own home). If they ever really need something, it’s right there in the trailer. When you rent a storage trailer and keep your parents items, you also get to have “extras” on hand. For instance, if your stove breaks and your parents’ stove is in the storage trailer, you can use that one rather than buying a new one. Give them a “jurisdiction.” Are you worried that your parents are going to start re-decorating the kitchen, re-organizing the bathroom, and making big decisions about the landscaping while you’re away at work? This is a common problem among adults who have their retired parents move in. You can thwart it by giving your parents a “jurisdiction” from the beginning. Make it clear that you’ve made decorating decisions and such for most of the home, but that they’re free to change things around in their bedroom and bathroom as they see fit. If you want, you can even give them control over how a living room or dining room is decorated. If they have an area they know they can focus on, this will help keep them from over-stepping in other areas. Make plans for them to get out of the home. You’re going to want your alone time. Schedule something for your parents each week to get them out of the home. This will be good for them socially, and it will give you that time to breathe and be alone. See if your local YMCA offers classes for seniors. Maybe they have a friend that could pick them up and take them to dinner each week. You could even pay a personal friend to take them shopping once a week, if needed, so you can take a break. Having elderly parents move in with you certainly has its ups and downs. By renting a storage trailer, giving them a jurisdiction, and making plans for them to get out of their home, you can maximize the ups and minimize the downs. For more information and options, contact storage centers and facilities in the area, such as Mar-Rube Trailer...

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4 Tips For Long-Term Car Storage

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There are many reasons as to why you may want to store your car for a long amount of time. For example, you may be moving out of the country for an extended period of time for travel or for business. Keeping your car with a company that specializes in car storage like Ship Creek Storage is the best way to ensure that your vehicle is protected while you are away. However, there are still some steps you should take to be sure the protection of your vehicle is taken one step further. Here are four tips for long-term car storage: Get the Car Washed: One of the first steps to take is getting your car washed before you store it away. The problem with storing your vehicle while it is dirty is that the abrasive dirt can cause damage to the paint on your vehicle. On extra step to take is to also get your car waxed, which will give your car a completely smooth surface that is not as susceptible to paint damage.  Get an Oil Change: If you haven’t changed the oil in a while, you should do so before you store your car. The oil in your vehicle gets dirty over time, and if you let this oil sit, it can potentially cause damage to the engine. You definitely don’t want to have to replace your engine once your vehicle is returned to you because that is highly expensive.  Fill the Gas Tank: Another important step to take is filling up your gas tank. An empty tank can lead to excessive moisture buildup inside of your vehicle, which causes rust and other problems. Besides, coming back to a full tank is always better than having to come back to expensive repairs that need to be made. Make sure to also add a fuel stabilizer to the tank. Buy a Battery Tender: When you leave your vehicle unattended for a number of days, the battery is eventually going to lose power. When you return, you are going to need to jump start your vehicle. Instead of having to do this, purchasing a battery tender may be the best option. This is a device that connects to the battery in your vehicle to keep it charged.  When you know what should be done when storing your vehicle, you can be sure that you return to a vehicle that is healthy and ready to drive as soon as you...

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Using Mobile Storage To Declutter Your House

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As years go by, you may notice that your house seems to have become smaller and there is hardly any space to move about. You are not alone as majority of homeowners also experience this problem after spending a substantial amount of their income acquiring household items. If you want to clear some space in the house, mobile storage is a viable solution that is not only time-saving but also very economical.  Removing excess clutter from the house leaves it looking cleaner and neater. Mobile storage services can go a long way in making this a reality as will be explained below. Providing a portable container The mobile storage company will deliver a secure- portable unit to your house. You do not pay for additional truck rental services to deliver this container as this is covered by the fee charged by the company. The container will be left in your house and you can pack all the items that you want to store at your own convenience.  Some packing tips to observe include ensuring you load the heaviest things, such as beds, washing machines or refrigerator first for stability of the container. Secondly, distribute the weight of the items evenly. For instance, if you place a bed on the right hand side, put a love couch with an almost similar weight on the left corner.  If you have packed your items in boxes, make sure you place the heaviest at the bottom and the light ones on top.     Secure facility After packing all the valuable items you need to put away, ask the mobile storage company  to pick up the container and take it to an offsite secure location. The beauty of keeping the container in a secure facility is that you will only be charged for the space that it will occupy and the length of time the company will hold it. Most mobile storage companies charge a modest monthly fee that varies according to the size of the container. All you need to do is sign a rental lease and you can rest assured that your items are safe because the facility is gated and equipped with security cameras. Majority of mobile storage companies also offer individually alarmed storage units and there is a resident manager present onsite to monitor all the movements. You can access your belongings whenever need arises by visiting the secure facility and producing some form of identification to ascertain you are not an intruder.   Create space in your house by storing the items you no longer need in a secure location. Majority of mobile storage companies charge a modest fee that will cover everything from the storage container, transportation and safe...

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5 Ways To Maximize Storage In A Small Apartment

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When looking at apartments, many people look for units with high square footage. However, these units are high in demand, the rent is usually high, and it costs a lot to keep the apartment comfortable. It is easier to find a smaller apartment that is in your price range and has your desired features. To build confidence to apply for small units, you need to learn how to maximize storage space. Multi-Purpose Furniture Large furniture is an automatic no in a small apartment as it just takes up too much room. Small furniture is better, but if it only serves one purpose, you are still missing out on some potential. It is best to get multi-purpose furniture, such as an ottoman, couch, nightstand, or headboard with built-in storage. Not only will this furniture help you maintain a clean apartment, but it will keep you from having to get rid of possessions that you want to keep or resort to renting a local storage unit. Over the Toilet Storage Some apartment bathrooms do not come with much storage, but the bathroom is one of the places that you need to store a variety of items. A pair of clippers, hair straightener, blow dryer, and body care products take up a lot of space, and toilet storage can provide you with an easy storage solution. While some of these cabinets have open shelving, you may not want to store glass containers with such a setup because all it takes is knocking into the cabinet for the glass to fall and break. It is best to get tall cabinets with closeable drawers that will prevent glass breakage from happening. Portable Island In most small apartments, every room in the house is fairly small. But, this is not always the case, and you may have a kitchen with a decent amount of leftover space. Investing in a portable island is a great way to add more storage space to your kitchen, while also gaining valuable counter space. Modular Storage Cubes Since you cannot make huge changes to your apartment, you have to work with what you have. Modular storage cubes are ideal for fitting storage into tight or awkward spaces, mainly because you can assemble the cubes into formations that allow you to make functional storage spaces almost anywhere. Tall Furniture or Vertical Shelving When it comes to buying furniture such as dressers or bookcases, you want to get tall pieces to maximize your storage space. Another thing that you will want to do is prioritize vertical shelving. Your style options are nearly endless, it just depends on what you like and what you are willing to do for storage. Maximizing storage in a small apartment is not too hard when you get a little creative. Talk to Econo Storage or your local storage company for more storage...

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Three Ways Self-Storage Can Help You Live A Greener Lifestyle

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A good, environmentally friendly, self-storage business can not only ensure that you can store your belongings responsibly, but can also help you to manage your belongings and your life in a more environmentally friendly way. Here are three of the ways in which you can leverage the opportunities provided by a self-storage facility to improve your eco-friendly lifestyle. 1. Helping you eliminate unneeded belongings Eco-friendly storage facilities often include a “donations” room where you can leave objects you no longer wish to keep, rather than throwing them away. This means that every time you visit your storage unit, you can look through your belongings for those you no longer need and easily get rid of them in a way that will distribute them to people who need them. This is a great option for things like jeans that only fit you when you were a teenager, or even old costumes or maternity clothes you’ll never wear again. Not only will your old clothes stay out of the landfill, but they’ll have the chance to go to someone who will use them rather than keeping them in a storage facility and never using them. 2. Helping you take advantage of environmentally friendly storage space An eco-friendly self-storage facility doesn’t just reduce its own carbon footprint. It offers both climate-controlled storage for sensitive items and traditional storage, which takes less energy to maintain because it allows a wider range of temperatures and humidity levels. A good self-storage business helps educate customers about the possibilities of non-climate-controlled storage. As a self-storage customer, you can choose non-climate-controlled storage if you only need short-term storage or have durable belongings.  3. Helping you reduce your carbon footprint Although encouraging you to donate belongings and use non-climate-controlled storage already helps you reduce your carbon footprint, there are other ways a self-storage business can educate customers and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Green self-storage facilities often allow for and encourage using pre-owned packing boxes and alternative packaging materials. However, the impact of this can go far beyond just how you pack for storage. Once you know you don’t have to buy packing peanuts and new cardboard boxes, and once you’re well-versed in alternative packaging methods, you can transfer that knowledge to several other areas of your life. Your next Christmas may feature greener gift wrapping in the form of up-cycled or alternative wrapping paper, and the next time you move, you may be able to avoid throwing away any packing materials after the trip or even spending any money for new packing materials. These three ways in which a green self-storage business can help you live a greener lifestyle show just how big of an impact businesses can have in the community. By facilitating re-use, donations, and recycling and by educating customers about green practices that they can transfer to other areas of their lives, self-storage businesses can leverage a considerable amount of influence to help the environment. For a self-storage unit in your area, contact a facility such as Back Acres Mini-Storage & Mobile Home...

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When Office Space Is Expensive, Rent A Storage Unit And Use It For An Office

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Having an office that you enjoy working in is essential for your productivity, but it may not be an easy option if you are self-employed. In many cities, such as San Francisco and New York City, renting an office space may not be feasible due to the high cost. For an office space on a budget, consider renting a storage unit and converting it into your own personal workplace. As long as a storage facility allows their tenants to use their units as desired and has electricity hooked up, you can incorporate some of the following tips to make a fantastic office space. Personalize Your Office While your personal office may be located in the storage unit, this does not mean you need to leave it looking like a storage space. Laying down a rug over the concrete floors, adding shade-loving plants, and other decorations can help the unit feel more like an office. Get Climate Control to Achieve Optimal Productivity Working in an area that is too warm or too cold can be difficult and can even stifle your creativity. For the storage unit to be as beneficial as possible for your work, look into getting a unit with climate control. Research shows that an office should be between 70 and 73°F for the best productivity, making climate control an essential feature. Being able to control the temperature will also be helpful if you plan on using a computer and other office equipment that can increase the temperature of the storage unit. Turn Your Smartphone into a Hotspot If the storage facility you end up renting from does not have Wi-Fi hooked up, you will need to look into other options. If you have a smart phone, you can get tethering capabilities set up so that you have your own personal hotspot. Make sure to check the data limit and any additional fees regarding hotspots so that you can use the Internet freely in your new office space. Enjoy a Place to Work without Distraction Home offices and shared office spaces alike can be difficult to work in due to the various distractions that can occur. Luckily, by renting a storage unit and converting it into an office, you will be eliminating many of the distractions that can damper your productivity. Go Vertical to Make Use of a Small Storage Unit If you are trying to save money and choose a smaller size storage unit as a result, you may struggle with finding enough storage space for all your office supplies. Instead of cluttering the unit and reducing your productivity as a result, look into vertical storage such as adding shelving or tall bookcases. Renting a storage unit is a great way to get the private office space you have always wanted. By implementing some of the above ideas, you can make a storage unit feel like the perfect office that you need. To learn more, contact a company like Gray Storage...

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Addressing Two Questions About Self-Storage Facilities

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Storing all of your possessions can be a somewhat difficult task to do if you live in a small house or apartment. Luckily, self-storage facilities can provide you with ample space to ensure that your items are safely stored until you need them. However, there are many people that have limited or no experience with renting these units. Having these two questions about renting storage units answered may help you to be better prepared for what to expect from these services. What Happens If You Do Not Pay For Your Storage Space? You may be facing a financial hardship and are concerned about what will happen to your belongings if you fail to make this payment. However, you should be relieved to learn that these services will often simply lock your unit until you have brought your account into good standing. Yet, these exact procedures will vary depending on the details of your rental contract, and you will need to consult this document to know exactly what to expect. In cases where the bill has not been paid for several months, the provider may be forced to auction off the items inside to collect payment. While this may seem disconcerting, it is an option that most providers want to avoid, and as a result, informing the manager about your situation may buy you time to avoid this outcome. How Can You Protect Your Items In Storage From Moisture Damage? Preventing moisture damage to possessions that are in storage is a major concern for many people, and there are a couple of ways that you can mitigate this threat to your possessions. For items that are not particularly susceptible to water damage, it may be sufficient to place a container of silica gel in the storage unit. This gel will absorb moisture from the air and prevent it from forming condensation on items in the unit. If you are storing items that are extremely sensitive to this damage, such as electronics, it may be best to invest in a climate controlled storage unit. These units are equipped to provide an environment with a constant temperature and humidity level to ensure this damage does not happen. It is remarkably easy for you to accumulate a large amount of stuff that you can not comfortably fit in your home. A self storage facility can correct this problem, and understanding the information above will help you be prepared for unexpected...

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