How To Store Your Archery Gear Long-Term

Archery can be a lot of fun, but trying to find a place to store all of your gear between shoots or hunting seasons can be a little challenging. What do you do if you have very limited space in your home and have a whole lot of gear for your hobby? You go outside your home to store it—you use a storage facility. But, how do you keep your archery gear in great condition while it is being stored? Here, you will learn how to do just that.

What kind of case do you need?

A quality hard case will effectively protect your bow while it is being transported and stored. These cases are typically lined with foam that keeps the bow from moving around and potentially breaking while you are carrying it here and there.

How do you prepare your bow for storage?

Cleaning your bow thoroughly is a very necessary step in preparing your bow for storage. Clean the body oils off of the bow and wipe away any dirt that may be on the bow. Cleaning is really for cosmetic purposes, because if you leave the oils and dirt on the bow for several weeks, the bow can become stained or discolored.

Rust can form on the cams if they are not oiled properly. Apply the oil to the cams just before placing it in the storage case to avoid rust issues.

Wax the string to protect it from drying out while it is being stored.

Reduce the resistance of the bow. Give each limb two full turns to adjust the resistance. If there is a possibility that you have reduced the resistance and forgot, you can check by tightening it fully and then backing it down the two turns.

How do you store the bow?

Bows must never be kept in an area with uncontrolled temperatures. They should be stored in cool, dry, dark areas that will never experience extreme temperature changes and high levels of humidity. Because of this, it is important that you look for a storage facility (check with local outlets such as Rock Solid Storage LLC) that offers climate controlled units.

Lay the bow case flat, but not directly on the concrete floor. Use a pallet or shelving system to store your bows to prevent moisture from wicking through the concrete and damaging the case and eventually the bow.

Preparing and storing your bow will not take long to do correctly, but it will be very effective in maintaining a bow in perfect condition.