5 Things To Plan When Creating Your Ultimate Garage Man Cave

A garage is a perfect place for a man cave.  It's distinct from the rest of the house while still being attached, and it's roomy enough for all the things you want in it.  A bar?  A home theater?  Recliners?  Exercise equipment?  You can fit all of it - and more - inside a garage.

You might think that converting a garage into a man cave is relatively straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you go.  Doing the work now means you won't have to do it later, so here are five frequently overlooked things to think about before you build a man cave your friends will envy you for:

1. Insulation: If your garage isn't insulated, you're going to have to think about getting insulation.  No one is going to want to spend time in a space that is too hot or cold, so making sure your garage is properly insulated is an important first step.  One plus side to insulating your garage is it usually costs less than doing the rest of the house.

2. Floors: What kind of floors do you want?  Carpet?  Hardwood?  Tile?  It's easy to think that you can just get away with the bare concrete, but you don't want to be that guy who wishes he'd done something different when everything else looks stylish.  Flooring actually goes hand-in-hand with the next thing to think about, which is:

3. Walls: The interior design of most garages, by default, is very spartan, so spruce it up with some paint.  You can go for solid colors and drop some money on whatever pattern you desire.  Look into faux painting for some inspiration on designs.

4. Lighting: You may want different lighting options depending on what you're going to be doing in your man cave.  For example, if you plan on watching a lot of movies or TV, then consider a dimmable light.  For bonus points, get lights that match the theme of the rest of the garage.

5. Security: If you're going to have a TV or other electronic gadgets in your garage, then you'll have to think about security.  You can buy garage door locks to begin with, and then make sure that all other entrances are covered by deadbolts or padlocks.

Now that you've got the basics covered, you can move on to the fun part - making it your own.  The sky's the limit, so don't be afraid to do everything you always wanted to do.  With a little bit of planning and tough work, you'll soon be the envy of every man on the block. For more information about garage options, visit Iowa Sheds.