Don't Forget To Protect Your Storage Unit

Any damage that you to do your rented self-storage space could lead to your having to pay fines. For this reason, you will want to take any steps possible to protect your storage space. While most possessions, especially those kept in boxes with adequate padding, will usually be fine, some possessions can damage the space if not stored properly. Also, before you rent a storage space, find out about what you will be held liable for to avoid any surprises.

Use Plastic Sheets

Laying down plastic on the floor can protect the floor from any damage caused by your possessions and can also protect the space from drips and sprays. Also, if you are storing greasy possessions, such as a lawn mower, these possessions will potentially stain the inside of the storage facility. Cover furniture and other large objects with plastic sheets as well to prevent them from being stained.

Disassemble Furniture

Disassemble furniture. Not only will this free up more space, but you will also be less likely to damage the storage space when sliding furniture. With dressers, take all of the drawers out of the dresser. With tables, unscrew the legs and detach them from the base of the table.

Store Possessions in Boxes with Padding

Store your possessions in boxes with padding whenever possible. Any time a hard surface is placed against another hard surface, there is a risk that one or both will become scratched or damaged. Also, when using boxes, make sure there are no spaces in the boxes, and fill the boxes with padding if there is space.

Wrap Objects Individually Whenever Possible

Wrap possessions individually whenever possible. For example, cover individual dishes with cloth before storing them. Glass items should always be stored using foam sheets and bubble wrap. Glass items are not only hard enough to scratch or dent the floor in many cases, but if they shatter, the shards can also scratch the floor.

Select Climate-Controlled Storage

The best storage spaces to select are those that are climate controlled. Climate-controlled storage spaces regulate humidity and heat. Not only will this protect your possessions inside, but your possessions will be less likely to cause damage to the storage unit. For instance, if you store a device that contains fuel, humidity can cause the fuel to drip out and stain the interior of the storage unit. Also, for many possessions, such as electronics, a climate-controlled space will provide protection from humidity.

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