Delegate Properly And You'll Have Your Storage Unit Loaded In No Time

Renting a unit in a self storage facility like National Self Storage - Denver allows you to declutter your home, keep extra possessions nearby but not in your way and even reduce your stress. The prospect of going through your home, identifying the items that you don't immediately need and loading them into your storage unit doesn't need to overwhelm you. Assemble a small team of family members and friends and focus on delegating the tasks at the storage unit instead of trying to take on all the responsibility yourself. With people helping in the right roles, you'll have the task done in record time. Here are three tips to get you started.

Assign Specific Jobs

There's nothing worse for you and for those you've arranged to help you than not being clear about the job at hand. When you don't communicate, you're bound to have people standing around wondering what they should do next. Avoid this problem by assigning specific roles to all your helpers once you reach the storage facility. Depending on the size of the group helping you, you can have people unloading the truck, carrying your possessions to the storage unit, sequentially placing items inside the unit and tracking the location of each box on a pad of paper. With this strategy, your team won't have anyone not carrying his or her weight because everyone is needed to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Consider Individual Skills

As you think about assigning specific jobs to your crew of helpers, think about the attributes of each person that will allow him or her to succeed. It's common sense to have your strongest helpers lugging your boxes, but thinking beyond strength is important. For example, give the job of carefully organizing each box inside the unit to someone who has patience; you don't need an impatient helper getting frustrated and not packing the boxes and other items in an organized fashion that maximizes the available place. Likewise, you can assign the task of keeping track of each box or item's location on a piece of paper to someone with exemplary organization skills or someone who might not be up for heavy lifting.

Be A Master Motivator

Sure, family members and friends might be happy to lend you a hand, but there's nothing wrong with providing a little motivation along the way. For a project of this nature, motivation can often come in the form of food and drinks. Keep the crew motivated by allowing time for refreshment breaks -- ice-cold water and fresh fruit such as watermelon are ideal -- and the promise of a barbecue get-together once the last box is loaded.