Addressing Two Questions About Self-Storage Facilities

Storing all of your possessions can be a somewhat difficult task to do if you live in a small house or apartment. Luckily, self-storage facilities can provide you with ample space to ensure that your items are safely stored until you need them. However, there are many people that have limited or no experience with renting these units. Having these two questions about renting storage units answered may help you to be better prepared for what to expect from these services.

What Happens If You Do Not Pay For Your Storage Space?

You may be facing a financial hardship and are concerned about what will happen to your belongings if you fail to make this payment. However, you should be relieved to learn that these services will often simply lock your unit until you have brought your account into good standing. Yet, these exact procedures will vary depending on the details of your rental contract, and you will need to consult this document to know exactly what to expect.

In cases where the bill has not been paid for several months, the provider may be forced to auction off the items inside to collect payment. While this may seem disconcerting, it is an option that most providers want to avoid, and as a result, informing the manager about your situation may buy you time to avoid this outcome.

How Can You Protect Your Items In Storage From Moisture Damage?

Preventing moisture damage to possessions that are in storage is a major concern for many people, and there are a couple of ways that you can mitigate this threat to your possessions. For items that are not particularly susceptible to water damage, it may be sufficient to place a container of silica gel in the storage unit. This gel will absorb moisture from the air and prevent it from forming condensation on items in the unit.

If you are storing items that are extremely sensitive to this damage, such as electronics, it may be best to invest in a climate controlled storage unit. These units are equipped to provide an environment with a constant temperature and humidity level to ensure this damage does not happen.

It is remarkably easy for you to accumulate a large amount of stuff that you can not comfortably fit in your home. A self storage facility can correct this problem, and understanding the information above will help you be prepared for unexpected situations.