When Office Space Is Expensive, Rent A Storage Unit And Use It For An Office

Having an office that you enjoy working in is essential for your productivity, but it may not be an easy option if you are self-employed. In many cities, such as San Francisco and New York City, renting an office space may not be feasible due to the high cost. For an office space on a budget, consider renting a storage unit and converting it into your own personal workplace.

As long as a storage facility allows their tenants to use their units as desired and has electricity hooked up, you can incorporate some of the following tips to make a fantastic office space.

Personalize Your Office

While your personal office may be located in the storage unit, this does not mean you need to leave it looking like a storage space. Laying down a rug over the concrete floors, adding shade-loving plants, and other decorations can help the unit feel more like an office.

Get Climate Control to Achieve Optimal Productivity

Working in an area that is too warm or too cold can be difficult and can even stifle your creativity. For the storage unit to be as beneficial as possible for your work, look into getting a unit with climate control. Research shows that an office should be between 70 and 73°F for the best productivity, making climate control an essential feature.

Being able to control the temperature will also be helpful if you plan on using a computer and other office equipment that can increase the temperature of the storage unit.

Turn Your Smartphone into a Hotspot

If the storage facility you end up renting from does not have Wi-Fi hooked up, you will need to look into other options. If you have a smart phone, you can get tethering capabilities set up so that you have your own personal hotspot. Make sure to check the data limit and any additional fees regarding hotspots so that you can use the Internet freely in your new office space.

Enjoy a Place to Work without Distraction

Home offices and shared office spaces alike can be difficult to work in due to the various distractions that can occur. Luckily, by renting a storage unit and converting it into an office, you will be eliminating many of the distractions that can damper your productivity.

Go Vertical to Make Use of a Small Storage Unit

If you are trying to save money and choose a smaller size storage unit as a result, you may struggle with finding enough storage space for all your office supplies. Instead of cluttering the unit and reducing your productivity as a result, look into vertical storage such as adding shelving or tall bookcases.

Renting a storage unit is a great way to get the private office space you have always wanted. By implementing some of the above ideas, you can make a storage unit feel like the perfect office that you need.

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