Three Ways Self-Storage Can Help You Live A Greener Lifestyle

A good, environmentally friendly, self-storage business can not only ensure that you can store your belongings responsibly, but can also help you to manage your belongings and your life in a more environmentally friendly way. Here are three of the ways in which you can leverage the opportunities provided by a self-storage facility to improve your eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Helping you eliminate unneeded belongings

Eco-friendly storage facilities often include a "donations" room where you can leave objects you no longer wish to keep, rather than throwing them away. This means that every time you visit your storage unit, you can look through your belongings for those you no longer need and easily get rid of them in a way that will distribute them to people who need them. This is a great option for things like jeans that only fit you when you were a teenager, or even old costumes or maternity clothes you'll never wear again. Not only will your old clothes stay out of the landfill, but they'll have the chance to go to someone who will use them rather than keeping them in a storage facility and never using them.

2. Helping you take advantage of environmentally friendly storage space

An eco-friendly self-storage facility doesn't just reduce its own carbon footprint. It offers both climate-controlled storage for sensitive items and traditional storage, which takes less energy to maintain because it allows a wider range of temperatures and humidity levels. A good self-storage business helps educate customers about the possibilities of non-climate-controlled storage. As a self-storage customer, you can choose non-climate-controlled storage if you only need short-term storage or have durable belongings. 

3. Helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Although encouraging you to donate belongings and use non-climate-controlled storage already helps you reduce your carbon footprint, there are other ways a self-storage business can educate customers and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Green self-storage facilities often allow for and encourage using pre-owned packing boxes and alternative packaging materials. However, the impact of this can go far beyond just how you pack for storage. Once you know you don't have to buy packing peanuts and new cardboard boxes, and once you're well-versed in alternative packaging methods, you can transfer that knowledge to several other areas of your life. Your next Christmas may feature greener gift wrapping in the form of up-cycled or alternative wrapping paper, and the next time you move, you may be able to avoid throwing away any packing materials after the trip or even spending any money for new packing materials.

These three ways in which a green self-storage business can help you live a greener lifestyle show just how big of an impact businesses can have in the community. By facilitating re-use, donations, and recycling and by educating customers about green practices that they can transfer to other areas of their lives, self-storage businesses can leverage a considerable amount of influence to help the environment.

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