Using Mobile Storage To Declutter Your House

As years go by, you may notice that your house seems to have become smaller and there is hardly any space to move about. You are not alone as majority of homeowners also experience this problem after spending a substantial amount of their income acquiring household items. If you want to clear some space in the house, mobile storage is a viable solution that is not only time-saving but also very economical.  Removing excess clutter from the house leaves it looking cleaner and neater. Mobile storage services can go a long way in making this a reality as will be explained below.

Providing a portable container

The mobile storage company will deliver a secure- portable unit to your house. You do not pay for additional truck rental services to deliver this container as this is covered by the fee charged by the company. The container will be left in your house and you can pack all the items that you want to store at your own convenience.  Some packing tips to observe include ensuring you load the heaviest things, such as beds, washing machines or refrigerator first for stability of the container. Secondly, distribute the weight of the items evenly. For instance, if you place a bed on the right hand side, put a love couch with an almost similar weight on the left corner.  If you have packed your items in boxes, make sure you place the heaviest at the bottom and the light ones on top.    

Secure facility

After packing all the valuable items you need to put away, ask the mobile storage company  to pick up the container and take it to an offsite secure location. The beauty of keeping the container in a secure facility is that you will only be charged for the space that it will occupy and the length of time the company will hold it. Most mobile storage companies charge a modest monthly fee that varies according to the size of the container. All you need to do is sign a rental lease and you can rest assured that your items are safe because the facility is gated and equipped with security cameras. Majority of mobile storage companies also offer individually alarmed storage units and there is a resident manager present onsite to monitor all the movements. You can access your belongings whenever need arises by visiting the secure facility and producing some form of identification to ascertain you are not an intruder.  

Create space in your house by storing the items you no longer need in a secure location. Majority of mobile storage companies charge a modest fee that will cover everything from the storage container, transportation and safe keeping.