4 Tips For Long-Term Car Storage

There are many reasons as to why you may want to store your car for a long amount of time. For example, you may be moving out of the country for an extended period of time for travel or for business. Keeping your car with a company that specializes in car storage like Ship Creek Storage is the best way to ensure that your vehicle is protected while you are away. However, there are still some steps you should take to be sure the protection of your vehicle is taken one step further. Here are four tips for long-term car storage:

  1. Get the Car Washed: One of the first steps to take is getting your car washed before you store it away. The problem with storing your vehicle while it is dirty is that the abrasive dirt can cause damage to the paint on your vehicle. On extra step to take is to also get your car waxed, which will give your car a completely smooth surface that is not as susceptible to paint damage. 
  2. Get an Oil Change: If you haven't changed the oil in a while, you should do so before you store your car. The oil in your vehicle gets dirty over time, and if you let this oil sit, it can potentially cause damage to the engine. You definitely don't want to have to replace your engine once your vehicle is returned to you because that is highly expensive. 
  3. Fill the Gas Tank: Another important step to take is filling up your gas tank. An empty tank can lead to excessive moisture buildup inside of your vehicle, which causes rust and other problems. Besides, coming back to a full tank is always better than having to come back to expensive repairs that need to be made. Make sure to also add a fuel stabilizer to the tank.
  4. Buy a Battery Tender: When you leave your vehicle unattended for a number of days, the battery is eventually going to lose power. When you return, you are going to need to jump start your vehicle. Instead of having to do this, purchasing a battery tender may be the best option. This is a device that connects to the battery in your vehicle to keep it charged. 

When you know what should be done when storing your vehicle, you can be sure that you return to a vehicle that is healthy and ready to drive as soon as you arrive.