Too Many Clothes? Here Are 3 Tips To Keep That Closet In Check

Closet space is something that many people wish they had more of. The average American family spends around 1 on clothes every year and many spend even more than that. The average American woman owns around 30 outfits! With all of these clothes, space is at a premium. For those who spend time purchasing and collecting clothes, storage can be a big issue. This is especially true for items that take up a lot of space such as evening dress, boots, and large handbags. For those who find their closets getting out of control, here are three tips to control the mess.

Storage Units

Many people find themselves hanging on to clothes in order to pass them on to future generations or just because they enjoy collecting. There are also many clothes, such as wedding gowns, that are worn once and saved for sentimental reasons. For overflow, sentimental pieces, or collectors items, the best solution may be to rent a storage unit. Self storage units can help save valuable space in a closet that is mainly used for clothing that is worn on an everyday basis. Climate controlled storage units are the best choice, but they can be pricey coming in at $120 to $175 per month on average for a 5 foot by 10 foot unit. 

Sell Sell Sell

When dealing with an overflowing closet, one thing people should determine is whether or not certain pieces are really needed. Any clothing that hasn't been worn in a while, is out of style, or doesn't fit does not need to be in a closet taking up space. There are plenty of apps and other online options that allow people to sell clothes directly to each other. For clothing that doesn't sell, donating is a great option. Donating clothing allows people to make charitable deductions on their taxes. 

Get Organized

Organization is key when it comes to an overflowing closet! Sometimes the problem isn't too many clothes, it's just disorganization. Organization systems can be bought and installed at home for just a few hundred dollars. Professional help is something that can also be found for those with challenging organization issues. Professionally installed closet organization systems for walk in closets cost between $1,200 to $3,000 but are a great idea for those who need help with where to put their clothing. 

Keeping a closet in check can be a big hassle. The good news is that there are plenty of options that can help. Storage units can keep clothes that aren't going to be worn often out of the way of clothes that are worn regularly. Selling or donating unwanted clothes can clear out a closet and bring in money! Finally, getting organized can also be a big help. Click here for more information