4 Different Types Of Industrial Shelving For Your Warehouse

With a warehouse, you need shelving to keep everything organized. Without the right shelving, your warehouse can quickly become disorganized and unsafe. When it comes to installing shelving in your warehouse, there are different types you can install.

1. Multilevel

A multilevel shelving system is designed to provide you with multiple layers of shelving where you can place your goods. It works well if you have a taller warehouse space. With multilevel shelving, you will be able to utilize all of the space. As such, you will be able to store a lot more stuff than if you didn't take advantage of the vertical space in your building.

These metal shelving units are often referred to as pallet racks, as they are designed to be big and open enough to hold pallets. With pallet racks, you need to space them wide enough so that a material handling machine can lift and move pallets on and off the shelving.

The shelving may be slightly enclosed to keep things secure. You don't have to use pallets, but they can make storing items easier.

2. Open Units

An additional type of shelving is open unit shelving, which is another type of pallet rack system. There are no walls between each unit of shelving with open unit shelving, and the shelving doesn't generally have a back or front. Instead, everything is completely open. This makes it easy to see where everything is, thus implying the process of retrieving and moving things around.

With this type of shelving, sometimes sway braces are added to increase stability.

3. Closed Unit

Another type of industrial metal shelving is closed unit shelving. This is made for sensitive items that can't be exposed to the environment, such as food or other items that you don't want to be contaminated by the air. With closed unit shelving, everything is boxed in. This means you need to have a good labeling system in place to know where everything is.

4. Bin Units

Bin units are an additional kind of shelving. Bin units are made to help keep things organized. Everything is designed to go into a bin that pulls out. The containers themselves are made up of dividers that can be adjusted in height and width to achieve a wide range of different configurations. You most often see bin storage units in places like hardware stores, where lots of little parts all need to be stored independently.

Evaluate what you store and how you store it to determine what additional industrial shelving your business needs. The proper shelving will help make your warehouse more efficient, productive, and safe. To learn more, contact a company like All Storage Products.