Six Security Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Your Secure Storage Unit

Having a storage unit is a great way to avoid clutter in your home without having to give up any of your valuable possessions. However, some individuals are nervous about leaving valuable possessions at a storage facility that's located some distance from their home.

Fortunately, your possessions can be secure at a storage facility as long as you don't make any security mistakes. The following are six security mistakes to avoid when it comes to your secure storage unit. 

Forgetting to lock your unit after accessing it

One of the most basic things you need to do to make sure that your unit stays secure is remember to lock it each and every time.

It's easy to overlook locking your unit when you're busy with the task of filling it or retrieving items from it. However, your unit will be left open to theft if you overlook locking it. 

Using only one lock on your unit

If you want to enhance security in your unit, you might want to consider getting more than one lock for your unit.

There are numerous types of locks out there. For added security, consider combining a padlock with a digital lock or combination lock. Multiple locks make it more difficult to break into your unit. 

Not choosing a storage unit in a well-lit area

Don't overlook the detail of lighting when gauging how secure particular storage units are. Units in well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted by thieves. Thieves will find it riskier to try and break into a unit in a brightly lit area because they know that they could be identified on security cameras. 

Going a long time without checking on your unit

Even if you don't need to access your unit for a while, you should still look in on your unit to make sure that it hasn't been broken into. Check your unit once in a while to make sure that it is secure and that the items inside aren't at risk of damage. 

Having no alarm on your security unit

In addition to multiple locks, you should also invest in an alarm for your unit for added security. You can put an individual alarm on your unit that will go off if anyone other than you attempts to access your unit.

Choosing a unit at a facility that doesn't have surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are essential when it comes to security. Make sure you ask representatives from storage unit facilities about the presence of surveillance cameras before choosing a unit at a particular facility. 

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