Common Self-Storage Uses

Learning about some common self-storage uses can help you determine whether it is time for you to start using one. By understanding what some common uses are, you may become aware of which important valuables you could put in a storage unit yourself. Also, it can help you to realize some other ways you may be able to use this unit. Here are common uses of self-storage units.

Household items

There are a lot of reasons why people use self-storage for household belongings. They can put a few of their household items in a unit, or they can put everything from their entire house into a unit. One reason they may put household belongings in a self-storage unit is that they are moving into a new home and not being able to get in right away. They may be remodeling their home and need to move some things out of the way while the work is being done. Their home may have been damaged in a storm, so they have to get their furniture out right away to protect it from damage. There may e a change in the household size, and they need to store some things to make room for additional members.  

Personal belongings

Many times, people will need to use a self-storage unit to keep some of their personal belongings. These things can include items such as their clothing, their books, their photographs, their musical instruments, and many other things. One of the reasons why they may find themselves in need of a place may be that they are going to college and want to bring things with them that won't fit in the dorm. Or, they may have broken up with their partner and need to find a place for their items quickly. 


A lot of people put some of their vehicles into a self-storage unit. The type of vehicles often stored includes classic vehicles, recreational vehicles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and more. One reason people sometimes store vehicles is to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Sometimes, they want to get their garage space back. Another reason may be that they are being bothered to move the vehicle by neighbors, or their HOA. If the vehicle is making it hard for them to take care of the part of the yard it is parked in, then this could be another reason why they would store it. 

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