How To Make Sure Your Belongings Survive Well In Storage

There are many different types of storage facilities out there that offer a range of services. Many of the modern storage facilities you will find have controlled temperatures, well-insulated properties, and quite luxurious amounts of space, which are all great for the consumer. However, it is still important that you make sure you take precautions to ensure that the belongings that are put into a storage facility last as well as you want them to. It only takes a little bit of time to prepare everything properly and you will thank yourself down the track when you eventually want to use your items again. 

Box It Up

Anything that can fit into a plastic or cardboard box should be put in one. Not only does this help you when you want to then go through all your items and find the relevant belongings, but it protects them from all manner of elements that can age your items quicker than you want. No matter how well secured a storage facility is, time will still work against your items, and without a specific seal or protection against this issue, you will see some level of aging. Boxes are very cheap and many storage units offer them for a small price which is well worth it.

Furniture Covers

When it comes to storing larger items like furniture, you will need to be a bit more creative since they will not fit into a box. Using an old sheet or purposefully buying a fitted cover is a great way to ward off dust, dulling from lights, and bleaching due to time. Also, try not to store boxes and other items on cushioned furniture as they will indent upon the cushion given a long enough period of time and can permanently damage it. Where possible take cushions off your furniture and store them on top of boxes.

Tarp On The Ground

While almost every storage facility is well protected from water and leaks of all kinds, you still want to be as cautious as possible when it comes to water damage. It only takes one accidental leak or one big storm to cause a problem and over the course of several decades, this becomes more probable (although still exceptionally rare). Placing a tarp on the floor reduces the chance of water damage and helps keep all the furniture and boxes you have protected from liquids of all kinds (as sometimes other storage units around yours might have unknown liquids that leak).