Packing Supplies You Need For Long-Term Self-Storage

Packing is something you may take on as a chore that should be done carefully, but quickly. In fact, you may go with the basic packing supplies and not have much consideration for their long-term use. The truth is, if you are planning on packing items for long-term self-storage, then you need to consider your supplies. Here are some of the packing supplies that will have durability and longevity for long-term self-storage needs. 

Ditch the Cardboard 

One of the first steps you should make is ditching the cardboard. Cardboard has several issues that you may not want when it comes to long-term self-storage. The first is that it can break down easily. It can become damaged from other items bending the cardboard. The cardboard can become wet and can also attract pests. Instead, consider going with a ventilated plastic storage option. This option allows air to circulate through your items, helping reduce dampness. The boxes are also durable and can be stacked without the worry of damage. 

Climate Control

You may try to avoid climate-controlled storage units at first. Never forget, the type of unit you choose is a part of your packing supplies. Without the right unit and location, you will face disaster in the long term for your items. Depending on where you are, you may think your weather conditions are mild year-round. You may feel that your items will not become damaged from exposure to high or low temperatures. The truth is, storage units without climate control have no air circulation. They do not have climate stability. This means no fresh air moving through the area and no circulation moving through your items. The lack of circulation can lead to humidity and buildup. With this in mind, consider climate control for your long-term storage items. 

Proper Storage Pieces

You may think the difference between using cardboard or plastic is your only storage piece choice. The truth is, there are hundreds of storage pieces available on the market for various items you own. For example, instead of stacking clothes and placing them in a storage container, consider using containers with hanging options. These options are usually taller and have a hanging bar for your clothing. This allows clothing to get the most air circulation possible while still remaining in long-term storage. 

These are just a few of the packing supplies that you will need for durable long-term self-storage. When you are ready to begin packing up your items, consider visiting a reputable self-storage company and packing store. You can purchase all the items you need through one of these store locations. You can also discuss the type of storage you need and get answers to any questions you have about those storage options. 

Contact a local self-storage facility to learn more about which packing supplies to use.